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Just a quick announcement.

I'll be (more) inactive this week 'cause is exams week in college and tomorrow is my mom's heart surgery. At least, my brother is back in the city to finish his social sevice and my paternal grandparents are staying with us at home.

I really need to focus in school and be strong for my mom.

Thanks for yout attention
(Part 5: Rising of a new hero)

*meanwhile in Titans Tower…*

-”It has been quite calm around the city. No crime reported in weeks, even from Dr. Light”



-”You had been on your bedroom all day. Is not good for you”

-”I feel something’s wrong, Starfire. I’m not all convinced that Slade is completely…”



-”Dude, it can’t be possible!”

-”I’m not gone, Titans”

-”Man, we saw how Terra destroyed you!”

-”She even sacrified herself!”

-”Did all of you forgot that Trigon brought me back to life?”

-”I destroyed him! It’s impossible!”

-”Your father only opened the door for my return. Now, is my turn… TO FINISH ALL OF YOU AND RULE JUMP CITY!”

*ends transmision*

-”We can’t let Slade do the same thing he did when he was controlling…”


-”We are going to stop him. TITANS, GO!”


I was on my bedroom, listening some of my dad’s old music he used to like while I was putting all my things, when I grabbed the picture my mom gave me four years ago and “saw” the message that was on it:

“Never give up. We will be always with you.”

-Mom and Dad     

Why? Why they put that message if they would die shortly after?! They never had a chance to say goodbye. How can you tell that to a 14-year old blind teen?

 - "Ian, is half past eleven of night. What are you doing?"
 - "..."
 - "Ian!"
 - "sorry, I was listening some of my dad's old music"
 - "okay. Is late, you should rest for tomorrow 'cause I'll go to work now"
 - "May I ask about your job?"
 - "I'm a journalist for the local newspaper"
 - "okay, I'll go to bed then"
 - "Good. See you tomorrow and good night"
 - "Same. Take care"

Actually, I was tired and needed some sleep, but that night wouldn't be a normal night.

*falls asleep and goes into a dream while a voice from an old man calls him*

***REMINDER: He is not blind when he is on the spirit realm or dream realm***

 - "Ian..."
 - "Huh?"
 - "Ian..."
 - "What? Who are you? Show you!"
 - "Ian Brooks-Yoshida. Our latest descendant."
 - "Are you..."
 - "Yes, I am. My name is Hideyoshi. I'm the original holder of the power behind this clan."
 - "You are the old man my grandpa-sama told me about?"
 - "That's right. The clan is well known all over Japan, but must be hidden to keep safe the power. But you, young man, you are different from all the previous holders. You are unique."
 - "And what makes me different from all acording you?"
 - "Your ideals, your determination. All the previous ones had valor and courage, but no one had a strong determination and reasons to live for."
 - "But I'm not as strong as they were."
 - "The time will come to test your courage and your path will be revealed."

*Hideyoshi starts vanishing*

 - "Wait! When will be that time?!"
 - "Soon you will know..."

As soon he dissapeared, I woke up by a steange noise I could heard blocks away. It was like a fight, but I could also hear metal clashing and like...
... Energy bolts?!

*on the battle...*

 - "Ghaaaaaaa!"
 - "Heeyaaaa!"
 - "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!"
 - "Robin, they are too much for us! "

*Beast Boy is thrown beside the young heroes*

 - "Dude, somebody got the number of the bus that hit me?"
 - "Man, I can't handle this for long!"
 - "Neither me!"
 - "I told you I was going to take revenge all over you. This time , I'll make sure no mistakes will be done."
 - "Even if we are weak, we will stop you, Slade!"
 - "So clumsy. So dumb. Yoy don't have any more allies on this city. You are alone."

*a mayor robot, huge, monstrous, steps forward them. Takes out its giant arm and starts hitting the ground and the teens, injuring them*

*back on Hirokazu's apartment...*

I was shocked for all the smashes and cries from that battle, and judging about it, they were about to be destroyed. Suddendly, a strange feeling ran all over me, my arms were feeling a power current and my swords started releasing a strange energy, the same energy that was all over my arms.

I never had this feeling before, I couldn't let then been beaten. They needed help. I took the swords, my shinobi training outfit and an old long fabric strip to wrap it over my eyes as a blindfold to not expose my identity and finally escaped throgh a window to get as fast as I could to that battle, jumping from building on building, thinking about what would happen.

It looked I arrived in time, but I could sense something worst was about to happen. That robot hurted them so much that they couldn't move due to the injuries. It was ready to give the final blow.

 - "This is it. Your end... THE END OF THE TEEN TITANS!"

No! This can't end like this.


All that power running through my arms then go to my swords and just jumped to the action to cut that giant arm, and then destroy that robot to later defeat the rest of them. They were strong and so many but not enough fast or agile, so I took that to my advantage.

 - "Hhufff...what's going on?"
 - "Who is he?"
 - "I've never seen him before."
 - "Why is helping us?"
 - "I don't know his intentions, but maybe he can be an ally."

 - "WHAT?! Who is he?!"

 - "Whoa!, he is fast."
 - "So, what is he, a ninja like Bushido?"
 - "I don't know but he is not like him. He has some kind of power."
 - "And how he fights if his eyes are covered?!"
 - "I'm better enough to help him.."
 - "NO! Stay back! I can handle this"
 - "Impossible! I was so close to beat the Titans!... You...Curse you...Curse you, blond scumb!"
 - "What? Are you mad I've beaten all you machines?"
 - "This's not over. We'll meet again. I swear!"

After he leaves, they approaced me.
 - "Thanks for helping us. I'm Robin"
 - "Starfire"
 - "Cyborg"
 - "Beast Boy"
 - "Raven"
 - "We are the Teen Titans"

So, they were the group Kazu told me. Now everything make sense.

 - "And who are you? And why you helped us?"
 - "I am I..."

*Damn, what are you thinking! I can't reveal my true name*

 - "Red...Snake. I'm Red Snake. "
 - "Thanks for helping us. You aren't one of Slade's minions, right?"
 - "I just met him, ho I'm supposed to serve him?
 - "Good point. By the way,  you have great skills on attle and man!, those sword skills were amazing! Would you like to join us?"
 - "Be one of you, a Teen Titan?"
 - "Yes"
 - "..."
 - "What's happening?"
 - "I...I can't join you... Not now.  I have something to do first."
 - "It's fine. If you change your mind, take this with you."
 - "What is this?"
 - "A communicator. If you're in trouble, you know who to call."
 - "Thanks, Robin. I'll considerate it."

After that, I just went back to the apartment as soon as I could.

A hero, a Teen Titan, It's this my path, or even my destiny? I don't know, but something is sure, I will seek for justice. Now, the time to face Truman has come.

For all his crimes, the empire he build, the live's taken, between them, my parents. This will end...

... NOW!!
Teen Titans Vol. 1: Red Snake Origins
Finally, part five here! The end is near!

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